Award Winning

“Among America’s Premier P.R. and Branding firms.”


It begins with one word – Partner.
We don’t refer to people as “clients” of Boundless Media USA.  We call them PARTNERS.
And we mean it.

It’s proven since 1983 to be a big deal in mindset and a robust explanation for our multiple awards and continued leadership position in public relations and branding.

We begin all campaigns with a data-driven strategic plan and partner meeting focusing on three (3) quadrants:

  1. The short term
  2. The midterm
  3. The long term

The short term is defined by 6 months; the midterm represents 18 months; the long term is considered 36 months.

After the strategic plan, we have clear bullseye goals of what we intend to achieve in 6 months, 18 months, and 36 months.  Surveys report that we communicate with our partners far more than average. We intend to speak with them by phone or email at least once a week, and arrange a strategic partner meeting by phone, Zoom, or in person at least once a month. Over-communicating is part of our responsibility to our partners, and from this, there has been no compromise since the day we began in 1983.

We all know that 1 plus 1 equals 2. Except sometimes when it equals 11.  We have, over and over and over again, been delivering game-changing, data-driven results for our partners.

We invite you to partner with us on a rendezvous with destiny!




Three things define success more than any other thing in today’s modern world – Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.  As one of the country’s premier P.R. and branding firms, Boundless Media USA has unparalleled reach and experience in making dreams profitable.

From traditional media to social media, from Wikipedia to the creation of books, from the creation of TV shows and documentaries to podcasts, Boundless Media USA has over three decades of record-breaking success.



Boundless Media USA has created special services and highly discounted rates for nonprofits and charities to assist them in getting their important stories known to both consumers and donors.

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