Award Winning

“Among America’s Premier P.R. and Branding firms.”

Our Epic History

Way back on June 1st of 1983, a small, undistinguished P.R. firm opened – Michael Levine Media. Founded on a tiny borrowed desk above The Beehive hair salon in the San Fernando Valley.

The firm quickly began an extraordinary growth spurt representing people principally in the entertainment industry, including our first partner, comedian Joan Rivers.

The company grew significantly in the next five years to among the three largest entertainment P.R. firms in the country, representing over time a record-breaking 58 Academy Award winners, 34 Grammy Award winners, and 43 New York Times bestsellers.  In addition, Boundless Media USA has represented countless corporations, entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors, authors, inventors, realtors, producers, directors, and assorted large and small business owners.  Boundless Media USA has provided non-paid media counsel to three U.S. Presidents (of both political parties).

The firm has become legendary in the media world and, as it approaches its 40th year of business, has won countless awards for its work.

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award winning